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The best-known tours for cycling in Rwanda are the Congo Nile Trail and around the Volcanoes National Park.

Contact us to put together all the details and ideas for your trip and come up with a well-designed tour package that includes the Gorilla bike tour.


Ride the best trails in Rwanda with us

The best-known tours for cycling in Rwanda are the Congo Nile Trail and around the Volcanoes National Park.

Cycling on the Congo Nile Trail starts from Rubavu and ends in Rusizi in just 10 days with a overall distance of 277 km by ascending and descending on the interval of 1450m and 1800m above the sea level.

While biking on the Congo Nile Trail you will get great chances to interact with locals while they are in their day to day working lifelike by cultivating, by harvesting, local market, coffee plantations, tea plantation. And also a chance to sleep in the local villages.

After this biking, we comeback to Kigali or anywhere at starting point. By coming back to Kigali, there are two options. You may choose coming back while biking too or you may choose driving from Rusizi to Kigali according to your desires. Coming back to Kigali from Rusizi is a great opportunity to explore Rwanda’s southern province and Nyungwe national park in south-west.

The other great Rwanda Cycling Tour is the one taking place around the Volcanoes National Park, this trip starts from your hotel around volcanoes for your twin lake biking tour that takes you to Burela and Ruhondo the two lakes separated 1 km wide strip of land. Tourists bike through the green land by interacting with locals who leave around the park.

The tourist can cycle within Kigali City we have some beautiful trails there which is ranked as the cleanest city in Africa. During the cycling in Kigali the client can visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre, the local markets, the hills of Kigali.

The tourists can do biking tour to the eastern part of Rwanda which is more of plains, no mountains Gorilla bike tours Company and safaris organizes the biking trip from Kigali to Lake Muhazi.

When you are planning an adventure trip to Rwanda, we advise combining with the biking safaris especially when you are doing tourism activities in the Volcanoes National Park, on shores of Lake Kivu on the Congo Nile Trail, even heading the Nyungwe National Park. You can contact a travel consultant from Gorilla bike tours Company and Safaris to put together all the details and ideas for your trip and come up with a well-designed tour package that includes the Gorilla bike tour.

our preferred bike tours

  • Congo Nile Trail

  • Twin Lakes

  • Mount Kabuye

Let be inspired by our destinations

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Probably the best cycling trail in East Africa. The Congo Nile Trail traverses a mix of dirt roads, lakeside singletracks and a circuit through the Nyungwe Forest National Park. It’s a must for all bikers and an excellent introduction to Africa for those who have never cycled the mother country.

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The Congo Nile Trail is a hiking and biking trail along the shores of Lake Kivu from Rubavu to Rusizi. The most popular way to complete the Congo Nile Trail is by bike. Any normally fit individual can complete the entire 280 kms of the Congo Nile Trail from Rubavu to Rusizi in 5 days on a bike at a leisurely pace without pushing themselves too much.

The 280-kilometer Congo Nile Trail from Rubavu to Rusizi lets you explore and discover the many delights of Rwanda’s Western Province: Coffee, tea and banana, quiet natural beaches, and amazing views of the beautiful, often dramatic landscape. Along the way, you ride through rural villages, cooperatives invite you to visit community based tours and you get to know the three larger Rwandan towns on the shores of Lake Kivu.

Most of the trail runs on unpaved dirt roads or on thin single tracks. A good mountain or gravel bike is necessary to complete the track. Remember that Rwanda is known as the Land of a Thousand Hills for a reason and you will constantly be biking uphill or downhill. There are fully serviced accommodation options along the Congo Nile Trail and good camping facilities should you bring your own tent.

  • Spending a multi-days bike tour with an expert guide
  • Stunningly beautiful scenery including Nyungwe Forest National Park
  • Constantly be biking uphill or downhill on beaten path
  • Meet local communities
  • Boat cruise and/or fishing experience on Lake Kivu
  • Experience Rwanda’s natural beauty

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Lakes of Ruhondo and Burare are Rwanda’s famous twin lakes. They are located at the foot of the surrounding volcanoes, near the border between Rwanda and Uganda in the northern part of Rwanda, on the periphery of Musanze. The tour will take you through several small towns and villages, where you’ll have the chance to interact with the locals as you wish.

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The twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo in Rwanda are a must-see for any traveller on a Rwanda safari. These lakes may be found halfway between Musanze and the rwandan border.

Because of their close proximity and the fact that one lake feeds into the other, these lakes (Burera and Ruhondo) are known as twin lakes. Given that Lake Burera is located at a somewhat higher elevation (150 meters) than Lake Ruhondo, it appears that she is draining her waters into the latter. The two lakes are divided by a one-kilometer-long (about 2800-hectare) swath of land produced by Mount Sabyinyo’s eruption.

The twin lakes are an excellent diversion travel option for anybody returning from a gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. The twin lakes are strategically located on the fringes of Volcanoes National Park, on the foothills of the Sabyinyo, Muhabura, Bisoke, and Gahinga Mountains. The lakes provide perfect picturesque views, surrounded by steep and well terraced hills, with deep blue crystal clear waters visible from nearby hills.

Visitors to Rwanda’s twin lakes can explore a couple of islands by boat or during a boat ride on either lake. Muhabura, Bushongo, Bishosho, Munanira, and Cuza are some of the islands that visitors may visit. There are excellent picnic areas on the tops of the hills that encircle the lakes.

Enjoy your picnic with loved ones while admiring the magnificent and breathtaking views of the lakes, birds, and surrounding hills.

  • Spending a single or multi-days bike tour with an expert guide
  • Enjoy the views of  the five peaks of the virunga volcanoes
  • Take the opportunity of interacting with local people on your way, the children love seeing the cyclists pass
  • Enjoy the fresh Rwandan coffee and/or the fresh fish from the lake on your menu
  • Experience Rwanda’s natural beauty with a backdrop of the Virunga volcanic mountains 

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Mount Kabuye (Volcanoes Park)

Multi-days Tour

Bike Tour Overview

MOUNT KABUYE is one of main trails we have that starts from central of the country in Kigali city moving to Northern province of Rwanda.

The full trail covers almost 140 kilometers and it is done in two days. The client is advised to start this tour from Kigali by driving 60 kilometers heading to Buranga and after reaching to Buranga, the next thing is to ride 45 kilometers at Mountain Kabuye (the second tallest Mountain in Rwanda after Mt Karisimbi) heading to Twin Lakes where first day ends at Banana Beach as where accommodation take place.

The day number two, starts from Twin Lakes riding 35 kilometers heading to musanze by enjoying and experiencing the view of Twin Lakes (Burera and Ruhondo) and such wonderful view of Volcanoes as well as experiencing community lifestyle. This tour ends in Musanze and after the tour, the client may comeback to Kigali by driving at the same day or riding.

However, coming back by riding might add on some extra days but all options are possible accordingly.

This tour rewards an exceptional experience through reaching in Musanze as we use to call it the district of Tourism.

Level of difficulty




Volcanoes National Park

Multi-days Tour


The Volcanoes National Park is situated in northwestern Rwanda and is famous for being home to endangered mountain gorillas. It is part of the larger Virunga Mountains range, which stretches across Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Apart from being known as the home of gorillas, the park allows activities such as biking through the mountains, which is an amazing experience for the bikers.

Riding through the Volcanoes National Park is a thrilling adventure that takes you on an unforgettable journey through rugged terrain and stunning landscapes. Prepare to be captivated by the raw power of nature as you embark on this adrenaline-pumping escapade.

Towering peaks and ancient lava flows create a dramatic backdrop that leaves you in awe of the Earth’s primal forces. The air is filled with a sense of mystery and adventure as you navigate through dense forests, lava fields, and rocky terrain.

The Volcanoes National Park offers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. The trails meander through lush forests, where sunlight filters through the canopy, casting enchanting shadows on the path ahead. Riding through the Volcanoes National Park is not only an adrenaline-fueled adventure but also an opportunity to connect with the local culture.

Level of difficulty




To be documented

To be documented

1st Day

By first day there will be riding from Kigali to SORWATE, 50km whereby on way we shall enjoy sightseeing, scenic view as Rwanda is known as “A country of thousands hills because of its scenic landscape”, and alongside the path we shall experience community lifestyle of residents in Rwanda especially what they do in their everyday life to survive.

At the end of the day, we shall accommodate at SORWATE as well.

2nd Day

By 2nd day, we shall ride from SORWATE to Twin lakes. But you will have breakfast before taking on the tour as well as we will ride about 68km and above. So, it will be better as well as energies. Our ending point will be at Twin lakes in Burera District and it will be spectacular tour especially ending up our tour at those amazing lakes.

At the end of the day, we shall accommodate at Banana Beach Hotel, the same place.

3rd Day

On 3rd day, we shall start by having breakfast together with enjoying sunrise at the beach, then after we ride 40km from Twin lakes to Musanze District (Rwanda’s tourism city). There by, we shall be excited with enjoying & experiencing the view of volcanoes and other scenic view of other hills of north part of Rwanda, also community walk to experience rural lifestyle.

At the end of the day, we shall accommodate at Rose Mt. car in Musanze district.

4th Day

On 4th day, we shall start by having breakfast as usual especially because Musanze is a bit cold, then after we ride 68km from Musanze to Rubavu (Gisenyi, the biggest beach in Rwanda). In this tour, we shall enjoy sightseeing as well, even the scenic view as we shall pass through Nyabihu district then while we will reach to Gisenyi, it will be our great opportunity to enjoy spectacular view of Lake kivu near aside of Goma Town in Congo.

Our accommodation will take place at Kivu hills Eco-lodge, a very wonderful Lodge that is Eco-friendly in nature, very clean & exciting.

By this day, we will have a breakfast to make sure we are energized for the day’s 6 hours ride from Rubavu (Gisenyi) to Gisenyi.

5th Day

We ride from Gisenyi to Kinunu 42km. tiny coffee washing station at Kinunu on the edge of lake. Our ride will start 9h00’ AM and takes us past the brewery set up by the Belgians using the lake’s Methane gas to power the Machinery, then onto tiny rural villages where the locals will observe us from a distance with fascination. We shall use to stop while taking photos and enjoy the local tiny bananas or locally made samosa before a freshly-cooked fish and chips lunch in a fishing village. Just a few more hills until your magical location for the evening, a tiny hotel set on a beach. If it will be a wet day, they will organize the fire for your warmth.

6th Day 56km

The days 6will be for cycling alongside lake Kivu from Kinunu to Karongi; we will be somehow challenged but with some tough hills but also the most rewarding views. You can stop on the best of these to enjoy your picnic. We shall spend our night at one of Accommodations in Karongi district at Delta Hotel, very clean rooms and modest with wonderful meals they offer to their guests.

7th Day

will be for wonderful we have tea plantation beautiful mountain

cycling from Karongi to Mugonero (in the same district) where we shall bike about 52km still at the belt of Lake kivu as we will be using road named “Kivu belt” because it cross near by the back & shores of this lake that gives you an opportunity of good view of Congo and some small islands situated within the lake.

This tour offer more opportunity to keep exploring Karongi district as one of suitable tourism destinations we have in Rwanda, Karongi is very famous because they even use to vernacularly call it “Inkingi ya Mwamba” because of its historical significances in Rwandan history.

Our night will be spent at Mugonero apartment.

8th Day

Days 8 will be last day of biking. We shall depart Mugonero by bike up to Kumbya in Nyamasheke district (Over 45 km), the path is not too tough as well us we will mostly use tarmac road. The rural village and peoples’ lifestyle near by the road is one of interesting things we shall experience as they prefer to see people biking and they are very friendly in nature, the district is hilly made and there is a part of tea plantations that we shall experience by last day (just situated in Gisakura).

Our night will be very interesting at Kumbya Kivu Life Eco-lodge, situated in nature at the shores of Lake kivu. When at this eco- lodge you be wakened up by birds singing and you enjoy fresh air from the lake, Meals are very delicious served by most friendly staff.

By 9th day, this day will close up our tour whereby we shall depart from Kumbya Kivu Life Eco-lodge to Kigali with Private car we shall use public road that pass through Nyungwe national park in south-west of Rwanda. By passing through this national park might offer you opportunities to see monkeys.

9th Day

Primate species within Nyungwe national park. Before entering the park, you experience the tea estate in Gisakura which makes this land looking spectacular. We shall continue to southern province of Rwanda heading to Kigali and some district from South like Huye & Nyanza is known to be Heritage corridor because too much history.

This tour will take about 5-6 hours and at the end that when we debrief. And at the end of the day, our shelters will take place at Kigali.

NOTE: We are highly delighted to remind you that it is better to come with sweater because some places are somehow cold but not all of them.


  • Spending a multi-days bike tour on the best trails in Rwanda with an expert guide
  • Constant vehicle backup as well as transport for bikes
  • Nights in hotels, guesthouses lodges and apartments
  • Breakfast, lunch, also as picnic, dinner
  • All entrance fees for sightseeing program except on some parks
  • Boat cruise and fishing experience on Lake Kivu (when applied)
  • Meeting local people or communities at school or at work
  • Gravel or MTB Bike rental on request

Health precautions

Ask your doctor or health service for advice few weeks before traveling. Advisable vaccinations include hepatitis, yellow fever, and DTP. Precautions for protection against mosquitos/malaria should also be taken.

You need to have a good physical condition to cycle 60 – 125 km per day. Although the experienced biker has an advantage, our tours are also done by experienced runners and other athletes who like riding a bicycle as well.

Nutrition supplements

We take care of your food and drinks, also during the tour. However, if you prefer specific sports drinks, energy bars or food supplements during your bike tour, we advise you to take them with you.

Your safety

The country’s number one priority remains the health and well-being of visitors. Tourists are welcome for safe and memorable experiences – from seeing the Big 5 (lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo and leopard) on safari, to trekking the magnificent mountain gorillas and numerous other primate species. They are also welcomed to explore the country’s lush rainforests and learn about Rwanda’s vibrant culture.
Participants undertake to bear the risks for their own account. You must be insured for your trip. We strongly recommend that you take out cancellation and travel insurance.

  • Permit Fee at National Parks entrance



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